Sunday, 3 February 2013

Allo Methi & Islamabad winters

Methi or Fenugreek grows in sub-continent in abundance and hence is part of daily diet during winter season. It is dried and used year around in cooking. It is sold in the super markets under the name “Kasuri Methi” and usually one will find a box of this in every kitchen in Pakistan. 

My love for Potato Fenugreek Masala - Allo Methi did not start while growing up in Pakistan. I don’t remember eating it in my parent’s house. My mother never cooked it. The only time she used Fresh Methi was while making traditional spinach. Methi was used as an additional ingredient to extenuate the flavor of spinach. My stay in London introduced me to this very delightful Allo Methi…and oh boy this love just continues to grow.

On my recent winter trip to Islamabad- Pakistan my mother in law showed me her method of making it. Her technique led to a better tasting final product. I am sharing her recipe. This can be eaten with Fresh Chappati - Flat bread or a Paratha - Buttered flat bread.


Fresh Methi – 1 kg (Use green leaves. Only use stalks if they are very tender)
Potatoes – 1 kg Diced in medium size
Tomatoes – 2-3 medium sized (chopped)
Onions – 2 medium sized (chopped)
Ginger – 1 tsp. (cut in small pieces)
Garlic – 5-6 cloves (cut in small pieces)
Coriander – half cup (optional)
Oil – 5 tbsp.
Salt – to taste
Turmeric – ½ tsp.
Red chilli powder – ¾ tsp (adjust if you want it spicy)


  1. To prepare Methi , take the leaves off the stalks. Only use stalks if they are very tender. Cut the leaves and the stalks in small size.
  2. Boil the methi is 3-4 cups of water. Methi has a slightly bitter taste. Boiling it eradicates its bitterness. Boil is for 10-12 mins and then stain it. Drain the liquid.
  3. In a pan add onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, salt, chili powder and turmeric. Add 2 glasses of water and let this cook and simmer over medium heat till everything becomes mashed. The liquid should reduce to less than half.
  4. Now add the Methi and diced potatoes. Mix it. Also add Oil and now cook it on medium to low heat till the potatoes are cooked and the liquid dries completely. You will be able to see oil at the corners of the pan.


  1. mmmmm aloo methi tau ban gaee, sardi kahan say aye gi

  2. Manila main tu Methi bhee nahin miltee :)

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